WaWa Little Sheep  Written and Illustrated by Alex Carlson
 One day on the side of a beautiful sunny hill, a little sheep was born.  His name was Wawa.  Wawa was kind and friendly, but he wasn't like the other sheep...
 You see, Wawa didn't have any wool.
 As the summer days passed all the sheep began boasting their full wool coats. They talked amongst themselves as to which sheep had the best wool.  When Wawa tried to join the other sheep though...
 He was made fun of and chased into the forrest. 
 Wawa cried and cried.  He hadn't done anything wrong to the other sheep.  He ran deep into the forest until he was met with the sight of two kid goats laughing and stomping on dandelion flowers.  "Those poor flowers!" Wawa thought. 
 Wawa had to act.  He charged at the kid goats kicking and yelling until they ran off confused and scared.
 Wawa bent down to help prop up the poor dandelion flowers.
 How grateful the dandelions were!  The dandelions banded together and took their fluffy seeds and made the most beautiful coat for Wawa. 
 How happy Wawa and the Dandelions were!
 Wawa thanked his new dandelion friends and promised to visit them always.  
 Wawa ran out of the forest and back into the field with his beautiful new coat.
 What a sight Wawa was met with!  All the sheep in the field were naked from being shorn.  Wawa went and found a place to sit beneath a shady tree and thought about his day.  
 Now, whenever Wawa feels cold or alone, he knows he can visit his friends the dandelions...
 …and all is well again.
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