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Alex Carlson is a Materials Designer for Converse in Boston, Massachusetts. While at Converse Alex is responsible for creating and veneering new materials for the Chuck Taylor Men's division. Apart from her work as a Materials Designer, Alex works as a freelance illustrator and designer.  Alex's graphic design is grounded in fun and youthful characters and prints for a wide range of clientele. Prior to working for Converse, Alex worked for PUMA as a footwear and graphic designer as well as starting her career at Converse as a Footwear Designer and Graphic Artist for the Special Make Up team. Her work in footwear was largely for the USA market but has been featured internationally. Her work with PUMA and Converse  has been featured in multiple publications across the world including Glamour, Wired, and Highsnob. 
Alex maintains an active freelance life as well, working mostly in pen and ink, and acrylic. If you are interested in hiring Alex for freelance work, please send an email to

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